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Datalab - Customized exports

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The Datalab consists of the following features :

This article focuses on the "Customized exports" feature.


Access: Side Menu > Datalab > Data export > Customized exports


In this section, you can define your own Customized Exports, build them easily, eventually modify them, and subscribe to receive them by e-mail, at your chosen frequency (monthly, weekly).


When you access the “Customized Exports” section, you will see:

  • The list of all your Customized Reports (outlined in green below), whether they are the predefined Standard Reports uploaded by Rise Up (in blue, on top of the list) or Customized Reports you have created yourself.
  • A SORT feature (outlined in red below), letting you search quickly for the Report(s) you need.

Predefined Standard Reports

When you access this section, you see the already existing Standard Reports.


Rise Up has already provided 3 Reports that meet the needs of most people :

  • A Report on Registrations for Physical Sessions
  • A Report on Validated Course Registrations
  • A Report on Registered Learners

For each of these reports, you can perform different actions appearing on the right side of each report.


You can :

  • Export the desired report
  • Duplicate a report. It makes it easier to create a new report starting from an already existing report.
  • Subscribe to a report to receive it regularly by email, monthly or weekly.


Create a customized report

To create a new customized Report, click on Create export appearing at the top right of your screen.


You will go through the following different steps to define your new report (these steps are recalled on the left of your screen to allow you to view your progress in building your Report).


1st Step: Theme -> Choose the theme for your Report


2nd Step: Scope -> Define the filters applied to the Report


3rd Step: Content -> Define the data that will be included in your Report


4th Step: Preview -> Preview the data that will be included in your Report in graph format


At the bottom of your screen, on the left, you can trigger the export by clicking on the Export button or directly subscribe to the Report you have just created by clicking on the Subscribe to the export envelope ✉️.


The screens may vary depending on the customization choices made during the construction of your Customized Export. Above, we have taken the example of an Export created on the "Users" Theme. For Customized Reports that you have created yourself, in addition to the 3 actions available for pre-defined reports (Export, Duplicate, Subscribe), you can also :

  • Edit the report
  • Delete the report
  • Access a Report Preview

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