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Datalab - Data export

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The Datalab consists of the following features :

This article focuses on the "Data export" feature.


Access : Side Menu > Datalab > Data export


You will have access to :

  • exports already configured and targeting specific themes (developed in this article).
  • personalized exports, which you can generate according to your needs.

On some common themes, you will have screens allowing you to define sorting criteria quickly to select the scope to be included in your Excel export.


The Sort feature, to determine the perimeter, is always on the right side of your screen. Sort criteria differ depending on the theme.


The following themes are available for your Excel exports:

  • Course registrations
  • Classroom session registrations
  • Upcoming user's classrooms
  • Customized exports

We will take the example of Course registrations below.



The following items are available to add (sorting possible on each column) :

  • The name of the course
  • The registered user’s name
  • Registration date
  • Registration state : approved, pending (if registration has not yet been approved), archived
  • The user’s progress
  • Average score
  • Time passed
  • End date

On the right side, it is possible to search for the name of a course or a user. It is also possible to perform a sorting to select certain registrations for courses, on the basis of the following sorting criteria :

  • Course
  • Learning Path
  • Category
  • Group
  • Type (internal, partner)
  • Registration state : approved, pending, archived
  • User state : active, inactive, suspended
  • Progress: In this way, you can reduce the search to courses for which, for example, progress has reached more than 50% or select only courses completed, where progress has reached 100%.
  • Registration date : selection of a period
  • End date : selection of a period

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