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Datalab - Online follow-up > General Report

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The Datalab consists of the following features :

This article focuses on the "General report - Online follow-up > General Report" feature.


Access: Side Menu > Datalab > Online follow-up > General Report.


First of all, you will find Sort and Filter features on the top-right side of the screen to help you define the selected perimeter (group) as well as the period (by default, last week is displayed for all groups).


You will find the following sections:

  • Usage statistics
  • Duration statistics
  • Progress statistics
  • Social statistics
  • General statistics
  • Statistics related to classroom sessions


Usage statistics

You will find there:

  • Number of active users during the selected period
  • Number of concerned groups of these users
  • Number of courses followed by these users during the selected period


Duration statistics

You will find the courses that have been followed, and for each of them the real time spent by the learners during the selected period.



Statistics of Registration progress


For each of the learning paths taken during the period, you will find here the average percentage of progress of the course.



Social statistics


You will find here the number of discussions on the forum and the number of comments on learning paths during the selected period


General Statistics

You will find here general statistics since the platform was activated (the selected period is not applied to these fields).



If applicable, you will find displayed here users who followed classroom sessions during the selected period.


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