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Pin a Community message to your uers' Dashboard

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How can I promote a message from the community to my learners? How do I pin a message on their Dashboard?

Administrators and Community Managers have the possibility to pin messages from the Community board in order to promote them to learners.


In the Community board, select the message you want to highlight, and click on the 3 vertical dots for More options. Then click on Pin.


When pinning a message you can decide whether or not to send a notification to the learners concerned.


The message will be highlighted on the relevant dashboard via a colored bar to the left of the message. Plus, the mention 📌 The message has been pinned at the top of the message will show.



Pinned messages will be highlighted in your learners' dashboard in the “Community Activity” area in a specific panel titled “Pinned Messages”.

In the other panel the user will find all the latest messages published on the Community. This panel is intitled "New messages".


The user will be directed to the discussion board by clicking on the message.


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