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Register several learners to a course

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Access : Side menu > Course > View.

Then click on "Settings" ⚙️in the thumbnail of the chosen course. Click on "Register users to course" located in the upper right corner of the course management screen.



On this interface are listed all the users and/or user groups already registered for the course.


By clicking on "Register users to course", the following window appears :


You must enter letters contained in the name of the users sought to make them appear below the Search box.




You will find in the user registration page :

  • On the left, your search results among existing users in the directory.
  • On the right, the people you have selected and added to the list of registrants by clicking on the➕

In fact, by clicking on the ➕ in front of a User / Group, this group / user is automatically selected, and then goes in the list on the right side of the page. Once all the desired Users/groups have been selected, all you have to do is click on the Next button (the number of users to register is indicated in parenthesis) to display the window for registration to sessions.



By clicking on the Register button, the previously identified users are registered.


When returning to the course management page, you will immediately see that the list of users registered for the course has been updated accordingly.



You can link a group to a course to automatically register members of this group to this course. For more information, see the article Link groups to a course to register them automatically.

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