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Access : Side Menu > Users > View


The User List screen appears.

To access a user's Details Page, click on View 👁️‍🗨️ (eye icon) on the line corresponding to the desired user.


As a reminder, Administrators / Partner Administrators, can, from the User Details Sheet:

  • Modify a user
  • Suspend a user
  • Resend the welcome email
  • Log in as this user
  • Contact the user
  • Delete the user
  • Register the user for an Objective
  • Register the user to a Group
  • Register the user for a Course
  • Register the user for a Learning path


The User List screen is also displayed for For Creators/Designers and Group Managers but they don't have the same rights as Administrators / Partner Administrators (see the screenshot below). Below are the list of actions available for Creators/Designers and Group Managers.


User Details Sheet screen (view by designers (*) / group managers)


From this sheet, Group Managers and Designers/Creators will be able to (according to their scope):

  • Resend the welcome email (for Group Managers only)
  • Contact the user, by sending an e-mail
  • according to the rights given to them, register the user for a course or a learning path :

> Group Managers : when courses are created, Group Managers can only register member(s) of their group(s) (for more information see 'Group Management' section)


> Designers/Creators: Designers/creators can only register Users for Courses that they created / or to all courses - depending on the platform settings.



Sort function

On the right, under the Action buttons, a search and sorting / filtering tool allows you to display only the searched Users and, if necessary, activate actions (see below) on only sorted Users.


It is possible to sort the following items:


Users never connected to the platform

  • Role: Administrators / Learners / Designers/Creators / Community Managers / Animators
  • Type (*): Internal / Partner specifying the Partner concerned
  • State: active, inactive, suspended
  • Group
  • Creation date: enter a range
  • Last login date: enter a range
  • Custom fields: sorting is possible on each of the custom fields that will have been created upstream in Settings

(*) Sorting on the Type item is only accessible for internal Administrators. Partner Administrators can only view Users of their own Partner Platform.


Action buttons

From this same page, it is possible for Administrators / Partner Administrators only to:


  • Create a new user (the button redirects to the "User creation page")
  • Create users by importing an excel file. All you have to do is download an excel file, complete it as specified in the file and then upload it again to the platform so that all the users included in the excel file are created at once on the Platform.
  • Export the list of users in Excel format.
  • Action on users : perform a number of actions on the users that may have been filtered. The filter criteria are defined on the right area of the screen. The list of the different possible actions is given below:


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