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In which cases are groups useful ?

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Access : Side Menu > Groups > Create group




One of the main goals pursued when creating Groups is to:

  • Manage users who are members of the same Group in a uniform manner in terms of registration for courses, learning paths and objectives.

It is thus possible to automatically link groups to courses, paths or objectives (that is to say, automatically manage the registration of all current and future members of the Group).


⚠️Setting up this link is not done in the "Groups" Section in the Side Menu. You have to go, via the Side Menu, in the respective sections :

> Courses

> Learning paths

> Objectives
For more information, see article Link Groups to a course to trigger automatic registration.


  • Designate a Group Manager (this could be the hierarchical superior) and assign him certain management rights over users who are members of the Group of which he is a manager.


ℹ️ Note that it is possible to designate several Group Managers for the same Group.


The Group Manager, by default, will have the necessary rights to validate registration requests from members of the Group, and may possibly register them directly for certain learning paths (depending on the Group's settings).

The access path to assign or modify a group manager is :

Side Menu > Groups > View > ✏️

For more information, see the article Creating groups.

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