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Reset the progress of a learner

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In the registration settings of a learner for a course, it is possible to reset all or part of their progress.

The aim is to give the learner a second chance.

Access: Side Menu > Courses > View, then select the desired course and click on Manage ⚙️ to display the Management Page of the selected Course. Finally, click on View 👁️‍🗨️ of the line corresponding to the concerned learner.

Once on the User's details page you can :

  • Reset the progress of the user and the entire course : you have to click on Reset progress on the left side of the page. The learner will restart his course from the beginning.
  • Reset user progress on one or more modules only. This gives the user the opportunity to redo the module that he missed.


⚠️ By resetting the progress, you lose the history of the results already obtained by the user on the particular module/ course.

However, there are two solutions to overcome this disadvantage (of course, you can combine them):

  • Solution 1: archive the course registration before resetting. He will then start the course again, from scratch. You will therefore always have available the results and other statistics related to his previous registration.
  • Solution 2: export the results to Excel before resetting. You will therefore be able to keep his results outside the platform.


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