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Access connection times in virtual classrooms via Zoom

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How can I access the connection times of my learners to virtual classes organized with Zoom?

The connection times of your learners to virtual classes are available in your learners' Activity log, as well as directly via the Zoom tool in an Excel extraction.


⚠️ If you test this feature, but only connect as a host, your connections will not appear in the connection log. Indeed, at least one participant must be connected for the data to be displayed in Zoom extraction.



Activity log

In the user's details page, a dedicated insert displays the user's connection times, including the time spent in virtual classes by the learner.


This page is accessible via:

Side menu > Course > View > Manage ⚙️ Course > 👁️‍🗨️ View user details.


For more information, see Section "Detailed Course Results for a Given User" of the Access to detailed course statistics article.




Zoom Tool

Directly via the Zoom tool, it is also possible to access the connection times to the learners' virtual classes.


First, log into your Zoom account (or one of your Zoom accounts if you have more than one).


Then go to the Side Menu in the Account Management > Reports > Active Hosts.


Identify the desired virtual class (es) and click on the number displayed in the "Participants" column.


La liste des connexions à la ou les réunions sélectionnées s'affiche. Cliquez sur Exporter.


You can also check "Show unique users" so that only unique participants are displayed. Therefore, you will have an aggregated version of the times per participant, rather than a list of each connection by the same participant.



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