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Access to detailed results from courses

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Statistics are available in different places on the platform and mainly via:

  • Administrator and Creator Dashboards
  • The course Management page
  • The classroom sessions Management page

Administrator and Creators Dashboards


Dashboard of an Administrator

An administrator will see on his Dashboard :

  • A general view with global statistics such as the percentage of registered learners present to their classroom sessions
  • A graph showing course registrations follow-up by state
  • The number of registrations per day (average, minimum, maximum)
  • The ongoing activity showing the current and future courses, the instructor and the location
  • The top 5 most successful courses
  • Pending actions (pending user, pending course registrations and pending corrections)
  • Community activity


Dashboard of a Creator

A creator will visualize 3 elements on his Dashboard:

  • The total time spent (in hours) on courses for which he is the creator
  • The number of registrations on courses for which he is the creator
  • The average progression of learners on courses for which he is a creator and for which there have been registrations


The course management page

Access: Side Menu > Course > View, then select the desired course and click on Manage ⚙️ to display the Management Page of the selected Course.



On this page that you can consult:

  • Global Statistics on a Course (by clicking on See all statistics, at the top right of the page)


These are "Average" type statistics taking into account the results of all users who have taken the course. You can click on the different tabs (circled in red) : General / Quiz Statistics / Survey, in order to view the Statistics corresponding.


  • The detailed results of a Course for a given User (by identifying the desired user and clicking on View 👁️‍🗨️)


The user's results sheet makes it possible in particular to distinguish the results by registration. In fact, it is possible to unsubscribe and re-register the employee so that they can redo the course as a whole. In this case, the results of his various registrations will be accessible. It is also possible to:

On this "User details" page, all the detailed results of the course follow-up are also visible.


For each module, you can see:

  • The time spent
  • Whether the module has been passed or failed
  • For classroom sessions, you can visualize whether the learner was present or not.

You can unfold the modules using the small arrows on the right of the screen to view all the steps of a module.


By clicking on View 👁️‍🗨️, you can open the activity log, which gives details of the dates and durations of the user's connection and the means used to connect (computer, tablet, mobile, etc.) as shown in the example below. In this example, we see that the user has made 2 attempts on the final quiz, that the first attempt was unsuccessful and that he passed the quiz on the second attempt.


By clicking on View answers, you can access the details of the questions and answers for the quizzes or exams taken by the user.


The Classroom Sessions Management page

On the classroom sessions management screen, based on the sorting method used (filter feature on the right side of the screen), you can view:

  • Number of classroom sessions
  • Number of users without classroom sessions
  • Percentage of occupancy of classroom sessions
  • Average attendance rate of classroom sessions


Access to results from course and learning paths

Administrators, partner administrators, creators and managers have access to the following statistics, each within their scope *.


(A) Overall statistics of a specific course, all users combined

(B) Detailed results of a specific course for a given user

(C) Statistics for a list of learning paths


(*) the scope is as follows:

  • Internal administrators : access to all results and statistics both from the internal platform and partner platforms.
  • Partner administrators : access to results and statistics from the only partner platform they administer.
  • Creators : access to results and statistics related only to learning paths they designed.
  • Group managers: access to results and statistics of all the members of the group(s) they manage.


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