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Different types of users

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For administrators and learners, the Type must also be specified:

  • Internal or partner for administrators
  • Internal, partner or public for learners


Administrators Partner Administrators

Internal administrators have the highest level of permissions, both on the main platform but also on all potential partner platforms.

When we talk below about an administrator without any particular specification, this will mean an internal type administrator.

A partner administrator * must be associated to a given unique partner platform that must be specified. A partner administrator, unlike an administrator, can only work on the scope of their partner platform.


Learners, Partner Learners and Public Learners

Internal learners are the main platform’s core learners. They only have access to the specified course for the main platform, excluding course created for partner platforms. For the sake of simplicity, or special mention, we will talk about learners to mean internal learners.

Partner learners * are core learners of the partner platform with which they are associated. They only have access to course specified for this particular partner platform.

Public learners are learners of any other type, in that they don’t have access to conventional course intended for internal learners or partner learners.

These are external people who don’t initially have user accounts but who can be offered public courses (i.e. part of a separately administered course catalog, called the public catalog).

Such public course is generally paid for and compiled in a specific public catalog that can be viewed without having a user account on the platform. After viewing the public catalog, the external person can ask to be registered for public course and, after having been registered and having paid the price for the public course, a public user account will be created to allow this person to take the public course purchased. Public learners only have access to public courses contained in the public catalog.


ℹ️ It is only possible to create partner administrators or partner learners if partner platforms have previously been created.

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