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Bulk download of files uploaded in a course

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In a perspective of constant evolution, in the release of august, we updated the step File Upload. You can now add a deadline to this step, and let learners upload not only one but several documents at the same time. 

Now,  these documents are easy to download in bulk, so that trainers can easily have access to them. Plus! All these updates have been made on the mobile application too: learners will be able to send their documents anywhere, even at the last moment.

The files are sent in a zip file with the nomenclature:



In addition, you'll be able to see if the files were uploaded on time, or not since the overdue files will be named as follows: 


LATE(if the case)_Lastname_Firstname_nameofdocument_dateofsubmission


⚠️It is only possible to download steps that have files uploaded. If there is no file in a step, this step will not be visible/downloadable.

Emails and notifications about deadlines

Once a deadline is set on a file upload step the users will receive an email and notification as a reminder.

  • For the learner: one day before the deadline.
  • For the designer: on the deadline’s day.

File Upload update for the mobile app

The File Upload step was updated on mobile following the modifications from the last web release.



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