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New customs fields for exports

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Last week we were able to release something that has been expected for a while: the addition of new custom fields to exports. You'll find the list of available custom fields underneath, by order of appearance at the end of the exports.


Menu > Group > see > manage

- 1st tab : group custom fields

- 2nd tab  user custom fields

- 3rd tab : course custom fields


Menu > course registrations > see

- user, then course, then course registration custom fields


Menu > manage sessions (in normal and session group mode)

- 1st tab : session then course custom fields

- 2nd tab : session then course custom fields


Menu > datalab > course registrations

- 1st tab : user, then course, then registrations custom fields

- 2nd tab : course then registrations custom fields

Menu > datalab > session registrations (in normal and session group mode)

- user then course, then course registration, then session custom fields


Menu > courses > see > manage

- 1st tab : user custom fields

- 4th tab : user and session custom fields

- 6th tab : user custom fields

- 7th tab : course custom fields




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