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Net Promoter Score and User Feedback on the mobile app

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On November, 11th, 2022,  we implemented a few one-time surveys including questions we would like to ask the learners using Rise Up's mobile application.


One emerging theme in the L&D ecosystem is the urgency for a better understanding of the learner's needs.

On our end, this is achieved by gathering the necessary feedback to improve the navigation on Rise Up's mobile application.

By asking the following questions, we will be able to refine the usage of the app which will lead to a better experience for our end user: the learner.


We are sending four two-minutes surveys solely based on the experience of the learner within the app:

  • The Net Promoter Score: an established way of asking "On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend our app?
  • A survey addressing the Course's navigation.
  • One about the Community.
  • And the last, concerning the Catalogue.

For transparency reasons, all the questions will be available on the Helpdesk under NPS & feedback campaign.


As you can see below, the design of the surveys is neutral and completely different from the app's visual chart. We made it to ensure that there's is no confusion between your content & ours.



4 separate events trigger the one-time surveys :

  • Visiting the app for the 10th time.
  • Visiting the Community for the 5th time
  • Registering for a course.
  • Finishing a course.

Users will only be asked those questions once a year and never in the same session.

At any time, learners will also be able to suggest improvement ideas directly through a form in their settings.


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