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Homogenization of the Data available on the platform

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In order to improve the tracking and visibility of the data from the platform, we have homogenized the data that is displayed on the platform, in various places, and the data that is available for export. The philosophy behind this change is the following:

  1. We display both activated and suspended users. (as suspended users may have an activation date in the future)
  2. We do not show pending users. (because even if they have requested to have an account on the platform but may never be activated)
  3. We display validated registrations.
  4. We don't display canceled (because they are no longer valid), archived (because they have been archived to avoid cluttering up the platform), pending (because they might never be validated) or refused (because they are not valid) registrations.
  5. In the exports, we have created a new tab for each registration status other than validated, because if they are not useful in the display, it is useful to be able to export them.

Let's take the list of enrollments for a course as an example. This list is accessible from the Course Management page:

  • In the list of enrollees: we now only display activated and suspended users, who have a validated enrollment. We do not display pending users, whose registration is canceled, pending, refused, or archived.
  • In the export: we have created a first tab that only shows validated registrations, for activated and suspended users. We do not include pending users.
    We have also created a dedicated tab for archived registrations, one for pending registrations, one for rejected registrations, and one for canceled registrations.
  • In the subscription counter at the top of the page: we now only show activated and suspended users, who have a validated subscription. We don't show pending users, whose registration is canceled, denied, pending or archived.

⚠️The number of registrations on the platform's "Dashboard" homepage counters has also been updated to reflect this. As this page is very memory intensive, it is cached, which means that the data is not updated in real-time. The data read at a given moment dates from the last update, which is displayed in the dashboard.

Finally, all the data used in the Datalab graphs have been revised to follow this change.

List of impacted exports

Datalab> Data Export

  • Export of session registrations: validated, refused, archived
  • Export of courses  registrations: validated, rejected, archived

Datalab > Management

  • Export of certificates: refused, archived
  • Export of a course: validated, rejected, archived
  • Export of sessions: validated, refused, in progress
  • Export of a training course: validated, refused, archived.
  • Export of training courses: validated, rejected, archived, pending validation
  • Export of sessions for groups: validated, rejected, pending
  • Export of training registrations: validated, rejected, archived.

From now on and to guarantee the coherence of your exports, we will also send you a dedicated communication before each change on these follow-up sheets.

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