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Language settings for emails and legal document templates

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Templates for automatic emails and legal documents are now available in the 22 languages of the platform.


By default, the enabled languages for the templates are:  English, French, and German.

The templates in other languages can be edited but they will not be sent to users unless the language has the status: enabled. This is to prevent sending automatic emails without you being aware. 


How to enable a language on the platform?

To enable a language the admin must go to Settings > Internationalization.

On this page, the admin will find two sections: one for managing emails and another to manage legal documents.

To enable other languages than the ones by default, the admin must select the languages wanted in the dropdown.



⚠️ Important:

  • The admin can add as many languages as needed
  • Once the languages are set, the admin and designer will be able to see them on the list of enabled languages for email and legal document templates. 
  • Once the languages are enabled the templates will be automatically sent to the users who use the platform in these languages. 
  • The enabled languages can be different for emails and legal documents
  • The only language that can’t be erased from the enabled languages is the default language of your platform 

🌟 Improvement

For better visibility when personalizing a template, the admin can now quickly see the original template version by checking or unchecking the button "enable original template" on the top right of the box.


Default language in emails and legal documents

Admins have now the possibility to decide which default language they want to use for email and legal document templates.

The admin can change the default language at any moment. The list of possible default languages is linked to the enabled languages.

⚠️ You can only choose ONE default language among enabled languages.

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