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For our growing mobile app community: the Catalog Resources page will now be available on the Rise Up app. Your learners will no longer need to go to their desks or open their laptops to access the resources they need at the moment. They'll even be able to download many resources for offline viewing. 


The resources were added on mobile as a tab on the Catalogue Page

As always, only the learner's functionalities are available:

  • Consulting the resources
  • Downloading the resources (if allowed)

Only on mobile :

  • Downloading offline (in-app) text, videos and documents. (When offline the downloaded resources appear on the landing page of the Resources)

  • Accessing quickly the last consulted resources (top section displays the last 8 consulted resources on mobile)

⚠️ Like on the web version, documents and videos added through an URL are not downloadable on the phone or offline.

If a learner doesn’t have the Courses Catalogue activated, he will only see the Resources on the Catalogue Page.

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