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Separate admins and other users in the community (online/offline members)

If a platform has a lot of admins, these will be seen first and the other user types at the end (designer, community manager,...). In these situations, it can be difficult for users to reach the contacts at the end of the list.

For this reason, and in order to facilitate the search, we have added : 

  • 2 tabs to separate admins from the other users
  • A search bar to find a user by first and last name


Community > Board > Show member’s list

⚠️ This feature is released on the app as well 


Filter by admins and other users in the community (add a new discussion)

Adding a new discussion in the community has the same goal as the previous feature. Admins can use the checkbox to filter by users, admins, or both.

Community > Board > Add a new discussion

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