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ack Revisions Introduction and result pages for the Quiz, Exam and Question Mix steps

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An essential practice in building courses is to communicate strongly with your learners about the modalities and objectives of each step of their training. In this sense, we have added two new pages for the steps Quiz, Exam, Question Mix 

  1. An introduction page
  2. A results page

1. Introduction page for the steps: Quiz, Exam and Question Mix

The introduction page contains all the information specific to the step: the number of questions to be answered, the minimum score to be achieved, the time allowed or the maximum number of attempts.

Knowing these pieces of information beforehand allows the learners to adapt their strategy when doing those steps. 

For example, a learner won't take the same time to answer a question if he knows that he has limited time but three attempts, than if he knows that he has unlimited time but only one attempt to pass the quiz.



2. Results page for the steps: Quiz, Exam and Question Mix

The results page allows you to give immediate feedback about the step the learner just finished. There are two kinds of pages:  

"Pending" exam page: when there are still open questions to be corrected.


Results page: after completing a step, users can access the list of all their attempts and check whether they have succeeded or failed by clicking on the eye symbol. 


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