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Reports 2.0: Overview

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Reports 2.0 is the latest enhancement to the Rise Up platform, offering an advanced reporting solution that brings all key performance indicators (KPIs) into one place. This tool is designed for Administrators and Managers to obtain a detailed view of their learners' progress and platform engagement, simplifying the process of data presentation to management levels. While some data can be exported in Excel and CSV for further manipulation, the core mission of Reports 2.0 is to provide an accessible, detailed dashboard for immediate insights.

What’s New in Reports 2.0?

This version introduces several new features aimed at enhancing the user experience and providing more in-depth analyses:

  • Enhanced Reporting Structure: A new, unified structure ensures that users can easily navigate and find the metrics they need without confusion.
  • Real-Time Data Updates: Data refresh rates have been significantly improved, moving from daily updates to every hour, ensuring that users have access to the most current information.
  • Advanced Filtering: Users now have more control over their data with expanded filtering options, including device registrations and custom fields.
  • Dimensional Views: Charts and tables now offer dimensional adjustments, allowing for custom views such as registrations by group, user role, or any preferred custom field.
  • Data Comparison: Applicable charts enable users to compare current data against previous periods, providing contextual insights into trends.
  • Additional Metrics: New metrics have been added compared to the previous version.
  • Archived Data Access: Users can now access archived data, offering a comprehensive view of historical information.
  • Download Options: Reports can be downloaded in multiple formats, including CSV, Excel, PNG, and JSON, catering to various user preferences.

Access and Permissions

Reports 2.0 offers tailored access based on user roles and functions, ensuring that data is both secure and relevant:

  • Administrators have full access to all report sections.
  • Partner Administrators enjoy similar access, with certain permissions tailored to their scope.
  • Designers and facilitators have restricted access, focusing on content and sessions they manage or facilitate.
  • Community Managers and Learners do not have access to this reporting tool, aligning with the platform's permission structure.

Getting Started

To start leveraging Reports 2.0, users can navigate through the platform's side menu to the Data Lab section. Here, a comprehensive suite of reports and analytics tools awaits, ready to transform data into actionable insights. All reports follow the same structure to ease the navigation: 

  • 1 Access to the other tabs for this dashboard
  • 2 A list of filters to drill on your data
  • 3 A list of widgets with all the relevant data

You can hover the Information icon 4 to get more information on the definition of a widget.

The scope of all reports is as follows: 

  • Offers a comprehensive overview of platform engagement and user base
  • Provides in-depth reports on individual and collective learner progress and achievements.
  • Evaluates content engagement and effectiveness to help optimize learning materials.


Data can be scary! There is a lot to unpack on our new Reports 2.0. But fear not, our product team have a few additional tips to share with you. Buckle up! ⤵️

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