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The Author Function

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Based on our research on User Generated Content, we created The Author Function which is a new function that can only be granted to learners. This function allows the learners to create courses on the platform and share them with their peers. 

To give this permission, the admin must go to the user details page and change the permission from Normal to Author.

⚠️ New ⚠️

For partner platforms, administrators will also be able to give the Author function to their learners.


With this new permission, the learners will be able to:

  • Create new courses 
  • View and edit the courses where they are the designers

⚠️ When an Author creates a course, this course is published in the same perimeter as the Author.

For example:  if the Author is internal, the course that he creates will belong to the internal perimeter as well. 




If, after the creation of the course,  we change the course to multiple perimeters, the Author can see the course but not edit it. 


⚠️The Author Function does not grant any management permissions to the learner.

In the Settings Page, we created three permissions for the admin to decide what actions the Author can take:


  • Author needs validation to publish courses (default behavior)
  • Author can publish courses without validation


  • Author can create online and classroom modules (default behavior)
  • Author can only create online modules

At any moment the admin can revoke the Author's permission from a learner. If this happens, the Author's name will be deleted from the designer field on course creation and he will no longer have access to the courses he created.


Author as a corrector of exams

A new setting was created on the permission page which allows the author to correct the exams of the courses created. 

If the admin activates this permission, the authors will:

  • Be able to insert their names on the corrector field in the exam step
  • Be able to see the pending correction tab on the menu
  • See the pending correction on course cards
  • See pending corrections on the dashboard
  • Correct exams

Author’s creation via a user import file

From now on it will be possible to import authors using the user import file.

To create an Author the admin must fill the column Roles with the option Learner Author.

Library Import Settings for the Author Function

The Author function will have a new setting allowing to import modules and steps available from the library.

By default, the Authors can only import modules and steps related to the courses for which they are a designer, but if administrators wish, they can allow the import of all modules and steps from the platform.

Settings > Permissions > Author



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