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Rise Up API Changelog

Welcome to the Rise Up (LMS) API Changelog! Stay informed about the latest updates, enhancements, and changes to our API as we continuously strive to improve your experience. 

What's in this Changelog?

Our changelog is your go-to resource for understanding the evolution of the Rise Up API. Whether it's new features, bug fixes, or improvements, we've got you covered. Keeping up with our changelog ensures you're always in the loop, making integration and development seamless.

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Check our API documentation here to see its latest version. 

What's new ? 


  • Fix error management system for /group/id/subscribe and /group/id/unsubscribe. These routes return [] and a status code of 200 when no new user is added or removed from a group.
  • Add “learnerauthor" role for users. Learnerauthor are leaners that can create courses and can be set as Designers to courses.



Improve Training Session (previously Session groups) handling. Users can update the training session’s type and meeting URL. Registered learners are not informed when a Session is edited through the API.

  • Added PUT /trainingsessions/{id}/sessions/{idSession} to edit a specific Session.
    • Users can edit session_type to “virtual” or “face-to-face”
      • If sessiont_type is “virtual”, meetingurl should contain a valid URL
      • if “face-to-face”, location should be defined
  • Added GET /trainingsessions/{id}/sessions/{idSession} to fetch a specific Session.
  • Added GET /trainingsessions/{id}/sessions to fetch all Sessions in a Training Session.

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