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Elucidat Interconnection

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Below, you'll find the path to follow If you have activated Elucidat on your platform. If you haven't activated this app and wish to do so please get in touch with your dedicated CSM. 

1. Admins can access the application through the Settings Tab:

⚙️Settings > Applications > Elucidat

2. To enter the app, the admins must provide their Elucidat API keys. How to find these keys?  

=> 2.1 Once you are inside the Elucidat app:

click the account menu, on the top right of the page > API Access.


=> 2.2 Then click on Project API: 

Inside the "Add an application field" > enter “Rise Up” > click on "Add application"


=>2.3 You can now enter the public and private keys in Rise Up Settings. 



3. Set up your Elucidat account inside Rise Up and you are ready to go!  You can now access Elucidat steps in the course creation pages. 

Courses > See > Create > Add an Elucidat Step


=>  When clicking on "Add an Elucidat Step", you can select a project that you created in Elucidat to import it inside of the Rise Up platform.

⚠️ Your project needs to have at least one Scorm release to be displayed in Rise Up.

=> You can choose a specific release of one of your projects to put it inside of the course, in this case, it will always stay unchanged.

=>Or you can select the option to keep the project updated with the latest release at all times by activating the red button on the top left of the page.


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